Maine Basic Search and Rescue Training

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This online course is for those interested in joining a Maine Search and Rescue Team. You must take this online course prior to being scheduled to attend a practical workshop. During that workshop you will be tested on your knowledge gained from this online course and practical outdoor skills. Once you successfully complete this requirement you will be allowed to participate with the search and rescue team you have joined at their discretion.

Topics that are covered within this online course include: Introduction to Search and Rescue (SAR), Statuatory and Legal Aspects, Searcher Safety and Health, SAR Clothing, Ready Pack, Search Operations and Tactics, Clue Awareness and Crime Scene Preservation, Rescue Equpment and Ropes, SAR Communication, SAR Helicopter Operations, Basic Survival, and Land Navigation. 

If you are from outside Maine, this course may meet the classroom training requirements of your organization.

When registering, be sure to list your search and rescue team affiliation as your company.