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Professional Certification Courses

These professional certification training courses are open to anyone but especially those wishing to work search and rescue in Maine and Vermont or as K-9 Handler for law enforcement or search and rescue.

Search and Rescue Dog Handler Training - Basic

SAR Puppy
$175.00 each


General Introduction to the Search and Rescue Dog Handler Training - Basic by  Maine K-9 Services, Inc.


This course gives new or aspiring search and rescue dog handlers a basic understanding of dog management, dog training theory, and search operations as they relate to dog teams.  It includes the training police K-9 handlers receive as part of their basic training plus other information needed by volunteer search and rescue dog handlers.  The crime scene preservation topic in this course satisfies the IPWDA requirement for crime scene preservation training.


A list of the training topics follows: How to Become a Search and Rescue Dog Handler, Search and Rescue Dog Team Use and Types, K-9 Safety, Principles of K-9 Training, Daily Care and Grooming, K-9 Nutrition, K-9 Equipment, K-9 Anatomy and Senses, Search and Rescue Ethics and Handler Responsibilities, K-9 First Aid and Health, K-9 Obedience, K-9 Agility, Principles of Scent Detection, Scent Behavior in the Outdoors, Search and Rescue Dog Team Standards,  Legal Topics for Working Dogs, Crime Scene Preservation, Training Records and Reports, Land Navigation Skills, Search Strategy, Public Relations and The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.  The course takes about 20 to 25 hours to complete.


Members of government agencies and non-profit organizations can contact Maine K9 Services for discounts by clicking on this link -  Maine K9 Services website