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Professional Certification Courses

These professional certification training courses are open to anyone but especially those wishing to work search and rescue in Maine and Vermont or as K-9 Handler for law enforcement or search and rescue.

Maine K-9 Services Working Dog Handler Course - Basic

Maine K-9 Services Working Dog Handler Course - Basic
$150.00 each

General Introduction to the Use and Training of Police, Search and Rescue or Other Working Dogs by Maine K-9 Services, Inc.  

This course satisfies some of the basic handler training required by the Maine Criminal Justice Academy for Maine police K-9 handlers.

It is an excellent introductory course for anyone who wants to learn how to maintain and use a working dog, to include police, search and rescue, detector, Schutzhund, security, personal protection and other working dogs. It includes PDF documents that can be saved for a course manual.

Course subjects include: Introduction to Being a Working Dog Handler, How to Become a Maine Certified Police K-9 Team, K-9 Use, K-9 Safety, Principles of K-9 Training, Daily Care and Grooming, K-9 Nutrition, K-9 Equipment, K-9 Anatomy and Senses, K-9 Handler Responsibilities, K-9 First Aid and Health, K-9 Obedience, K-9 Agility, Scent Detection, Legal Topics for Working Dogs, Training Records and Reports, Presentation of K-9 Evidence in Court and Public Relations.

Government agencies and non-profit organizations can contact Maine K9 Services for discounts by clicking on this link -  Maine K9 Services website

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